JULY 28, 2018

Banska Bystrica, Slovakia








After the Catch the Flava Street Styles camp is over, poppers and Hip Hop freestyle dancers can enjoy the battles at The Legits Blast. For the first time, we introduce streetdance battles at the festival.






pt Porto, Portugal

Professional dancer, winning numerous national and international competitions, Max is a leader of Momentum Crew and a renowned producer and choreographer. As an event organizer, Max is primarily responsible for the creation of several world-class competitions, such as “Eurobattle” and “Bboy Gala”. He is also ambassador and athlete of Puma and performer of Red Bull Portugal. In Max Oliveira is not only one of the professors of Momentum Dance Studio, he also teaches postgraduate courses at the CRIAP Institute (Porto and Lisbon) and was a professor at the School of Dance (2013/2014). He also cooperated with several educational institutions, among them the Oporto Music Conservatory, the Balleteatro and the University of Lisbon.


de Berlin, Germany

Storm started dancing as a little child, but seriously caught on to the dances B-boying, Popping and Locking at the age of 14. He started his professional carreer in 1984 touring through clubs throughout north Germany for a youth magazine tour called “Bravo”
Storm is teaching all over the world on different dance festivals throughout each year. Since 2001 he is educating annually at the “Impulstanz” festival in Vienna. He developed his own didactical methods which are based on the original concepts of the styles Locking, Popping and B-boying.


us New York, USA

Jamel Brown, better known today as Loose Joint is a 1st generation Hip Hop Freestyle dancer from New York with 30 years experience. He is also very important part of legendary Elite Force Crew. He went from dancing on the streets of New York to performing on stage, TV, film, and a primary back up dancer and choreographer for artists.


us Los Angeles, USA

From a child who started dancing at the age of two in local battles, parties and clubs, to worldwide competitions, to performing in front of billions of viewers on the Academy Awards in 2010, his name is Boogie Frantick. He shares the knowledge and understanding of Hip Hop Culture and how it has helped him be the man he is today. His mission has been and always will be to inspire.
This man represents not only one crew of super talented individuals but many companies that are truly changing the dance game today or have done so already, with crews such as: Mighty Zulu Kingz: The Mighty Zulu Kingz was established in 1973. They were to be the official Hip Hop crew for the Zulu Nation and of Hip Hop Culture.


en London, UK

Renegade from Soul Mavericks crew strated as a bboy in the 80’s and later became a DJ. Today he is one of the most respected DJs in the community.


ru Saint Petersburg, Russia

DJ Smirnoff from Syndicate crew is a DJ, a true ‘crate digger’. He plays funk, soul, disco, old school rap, break-beaty, trip-hop, deep house, reggae, dancehall, afrobeat and much more.


sk Bratislava, Slovakia

BJ Piggo is one of the most important people of the hip hop urban culture, representing Slovakia. Mostly BJ on events like Juste Debout or Red Bull BC One but also a dancer and an organizer of battles and events in Slovakia. Big up for BJ Piggo!


us Los Angeles, USA

Official DJ of Cypher Adikts has a rich history within the community. In addition to his DJ background he is also a well respected veteran Bboy.