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The JAM is organized by NEW STYLE HUSTLE community and dedicated to anybody who would love to learn couple dance called New style hustle. We gonna start with WORKSHOP taught by Rohlik and Melinda (CZ) and right after u can stay to practice, share and JAM with other hustleros coming from all over.. The workshop is gonna help u to get in and then just grab a lady and jam.

The WORKSHOP and JAM will be held at Europa shopping center. All for FREE so come down and learn the new generation style!!

New Style hustle…
…was born just couple years ago when Jeff Selby (NY) brought new flavour into original style called Hustle and named it New style hustle. Hustle is a couple dance originated in early 70´s. It was created in the South Bronx among Puerto Ricans, and was originally done at house parties, hooky gigs and basements club dances.

DJ Smirnoff is going to bring special vibe in to the JAM!!

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Perfect Beat Challenge is a music competition in which the music producer/beatmaker plays a central role. All participants will have 1 hour to 1,5 hour (depending on the number of participants) to work their magic to create the perfect beat for a selected jury. All contestants will have access to the same sample package provided by the organization.

The participants are free to choose their own music style and can bring their hardware of choice such as a laptop, drum machine, keyboard or groovebox. During the final presentation the beats are allowed to be rotated up to one minute.

This musical challenge is an initiative of event organizer Mario Walden and consists of various national and international preselections with the grand finale during The Notorious IBE festival on the of 6 August 2017 in Heerlen, The Netherlands. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro, everyone is welcome to participate!

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Graffiti Jam at The Legits Blast 2017
Presentation of the first monumental graffiti painting in Banska Bystrica.

ZŠ Radvanská
Radvanská 2336/1
974 05 Banská Bystrica

You can buy MOLOTOW Premium 400 ml cans at the spot.


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