This year with support from our homies around the world we held couple qualifiers for Outbreak Europe 2016. If you missed them don’t panic. You can signup and enter the qualification on the spot. Just show up at the festival doors on Friday, July 29. Registration starts at 10:00.


Outbreak Europe 2016 Qualifiers

Event Location Qualified 1vs1 Qualified 2vs2
Massive Monkeys Day Footwork Battle Seattle, USA Bboy Razzy D (Canada)
Outbreak Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia El Prcinho (HLM)
Gorky (Strike Force One)
Nespi (Strike Force One)
Twister (HLM)
Kein & Jendo (Stred)
Twister & Romski (HLM)
Tias & Meme (Stred)
Orbi & Gorky (Strike Force One)
Dexter & Spox
Yo Festival! Rome, ITA Bgirl Law (Spain)
Bboy Rico (Italy)
Bboy Snap & Daga (Italy)
Breaking Methodz Vólos, GRE Lucky Look (Dead Prezz crew, Greece)
Battle of the Year Hanover, GER Lil G & Mini Joe (Speedy Angels crew / Venezuela)
Born 2 Break Israel Hulk and Potter


Outbreak Slovakia


Battle of the Year – Lil G & Mini Joe (Speedy Angels crew / Venezuela)


Breaking Methodz – Lucky Look (Dead Prezz crew, Greece)


Massive Monkeys 2016 – Bboy Razzy D

Bboy Razzy D