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July 20 – 26|Krakow, POLAND

July 24 – 29|Banská Bystrica, SLOVAKIA

2019 CONCERT lineup


Living up to his name, BlabberMouf practices the energetic rap style rhyming on boombap beats of the earlier ’90s. Growing up in a former coalmine city where this type of Hip-Hop never left, he provides the world with his tunes from the center of Europe.

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After dropping “Greatest Shits” with hometown crew Het VerZet in early 2012, BlabberMouf closed that same year with the release of his album “From The Top Of The Stack”. A collabo album produced by friend DJ Propo’88 with whom, amongst others, he formed another crew, Da Shogunz. The CD format hit the streets packaged in a wooden cover with laser engraved artwork and set the specific Hip-Hop style of the emcee & producer. A style for which both artists and crew are known: Organic, pure, original Hip-Hop in its most raw form. To continue on this path, ‘From The Top Of The Stack’ was released on vinyl two years later. The album has taken BlabberMouf’s music and live shows on a trip throughout the world, experiencing the warm-hearted Hip-Hop culture in the entire European continent.

While still on tour, BlabberMouf started working on “The BlabberMouf LP” that was released in 2015. Although Propo’88 was only responsible for a few beats on this album, he approached the project similar to ‘From The Top Of The Stack’. By recording, mixing, arranging and producing the album, Propo’88 laid his sense and soul in the new album. BlabberMouf’s fast and tempo switching raps that balance on the edge of not being human, are taking the lead in this album as always.

The aftermath of the album included a two-year tour all around the globe. Not only West- and East Europe, but also South America jumped on the train with shows in Colombia, Chili and Ecuador. In 2017 he released a new album called Da Flowin’ Dutchman, which made an even bigger name for himself.

Propo’88 & BlabberMouf – FlabberGasted

BlabberMouf – Listen up feat. Christmaz (Prod.Truffel)

Next Artist Feb 15th

Next Artist Feb 15th

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