About Festival

Connects people who live by what they enjoy. Dreams, desires and passions are measures that determine the steps we take in our lives.
We believe that those who dedicate their life to their passion are able to achieve success, push limits, inspire and change the world for the better.

The Legits Blast is the most international festival in Slovakia, where music, dance and lifestyle transform into unforgettable experiences. Festival is annually visited by artists from over 70 countries and it is all about their incredible performances and pushing the limits in what they love and what they live for.
You may look forward to street shows, street ball, dance / break battles and workshops, relax and recreation, party, graffiti, painting and photo expositions, concerts of Slovak and foreign artists, screenings and discussions on various topics, nature, children’s competitions and much more.

Free entry for persons under 6 years.
Persons 15 years and under must be supervised by an accompanying adult.


The first volume of The Legits Blast Festival is a continuation of the successful hip-hop project Outbreak Europe which is held in Banská Bystrica annually since 2010. The majority of the program takes place in Europa Shopping Center and Ministry of Fun. The event has become a tradition and a true hip-hop holiday for people from around the world, as well as for the citizens of the city. Last year, people from over 70 countries of the world have visited The Legits Blast, ranking the festival among the most international events of its kind in Slovakia.


Festival organizers are Miro (MK) Križan and Martin (MG) Gilian under the brand The Legits which covers streetwear clothing, video production unit, event agency, and last but not least represents and supports people who live their passion.

“Passion Dictates Action”