JULY 28 | Banska Bystrica

Europa SC, Na Troskach 25 | FREE ENTRY








Youth is the Future is a dance project dedicated to kids and youth under 18 years. Main objective of the event is to educate and support young dancers both locally and internationally. Character of the event will allow for cross-border sharing of knowledge and will strengthen the international relations of participants form V4 countries and around the globe.

Program will offer a variety of workshops, discussions and performances dedicated to 4 hip-hop elements. Each part of the program will be led by a professional artist from Slovakia, Czech republic, Hungary and Poland.


Project supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

Project supported byVisegrad fund.


Project’s program guarantees entertainment for all participants, kids, youth and parents throughout the day. Each workshop will be led by local and international artists. Don’t miss a chance to learn more about the hip hop culture.

VISEGRAD STAGE (Europa Shopping Center Atrium)
Address: Na Troskách 25, 97401, Banská Bystrica


09:00 – 10:00 Bboy Ren Bboy Workshop
10:00 – 11:00 Michal Zvara Dance Workshop
11:00 – 12:00 Laci Strike Dance Workshop
12:00 – 12:30 Discussion
12:40 – 12:55 Folcolor Show
12:55 – 13:00 B-Original Show
13:00 – 14:30 1 vs 1 Hip Hop Freestyle Battle under 18
14:30 – 15:30 DJ Plash
15:30 – 17:00 Ewil Graffiti Workshop

Dance workshops







International lineup will share their knowledge about their passion.


us Handlova, SK

One of the most important name in slovak dance industry, founder of legendary Street Dance Academy with more then 15 years history. Choreograph as well as a dancer – Laci Strike. Also known as a coodinator and choreographer of many TV shows and commercials. He came up with 3 platinum DVD, did a slovak tour with SDA dancers and made 3 dance videos. He is regulary teaching workshops around Europe.and we are glad to announce he will be part of Youth is The Future and so he can share skills with you all guys! Do not miss it!


cz Prague, CZ
sk Banska Bystrica, SK

Michal started dancing in 1997 in Banská Bystrica. Together with his brother Matej they are the most famous dancing brothers from czech-slovak dance scene. Currently residing in Prague where they established the B-ORIGINAl dance school. Michal is one of the first Krump dancers.


pl Krakow, PL

The first name from foreign hip hop industry, representing Poland. Producer and DJ as well as bboy – DJ Plash. He was a part of many events in Poland but he is also playing worldwide (freestyle session, Circle Prinz alebo Redbull BC One. He was sharing a stage with names as DeLaSoul, Dilated People or Mos Def. As he said, DJ Plash is HIP HOP 24/7.


ru Saint Petersburg, Russia

Sergey Smirnov aka DJ Smirnoff is a bboy and DJ from St Petersburg /Russia/. Also known as a organiser, producer of “Mama Sugar” IHOW (Pro Waacking dancer) and part of 3S Dj’s Crew: Dj Mista Sweet, South Dj Scream, Soul Dj Smirnoff. Syndicate crew.


us Bratislava, SK

Dancer, MC and big part of slovak dance scene. Recently practising mostly House dance along with Chicago Footwork, UK Jazz dance and Step. Otec Mirec is representing Slovakia worlwide and also dancing and collaborating with an american dancer King Charles. After many experiences, workshops, performances he also took a step classes at Tap On Barcelona (2017).


hu Pécs, HU

Ren started dancing in 2001 in a city called Pécs (Hungary). He is building a hungarian breaking community more than 10 years as a bboy, host, teacher, judge and also as a worldwide freelance graphic illustrator. Representing Fresh Roots Clan and B.LMNT Crew. He prefers toprock and footwork but as he said „I can do some flares If I have to“ He got a first place on Break the floor toprock & Bboy King toprock in 2015 and a second place on Yalta Summer Jam toprock in 2016.


sk Banska Bystrica, SK

Point 3, a graffiti crew from Slovakia is one of the top in the country. The most popular writter with longtime history is Ewil One. His projects are proof of pure art and example of showing graffiti as a part of street dance culture not only in Slovakia. He opened also an exhibition called Grafformative.

See you on July 28 in Banska Bystrica

Free entry for all.