November 5 – 8, 2020

1vs1 Breaking | 1vs1 B-Girl | 2vs2 Breaking | 1vs1 Kid | Rep Your Country

€10.000 Cash + 3 Tickets to TLB Banska Bystrica 2021








THURSDAY – November 5

12:00 1vs1 Kid – Top 50 YITF
13:20 1vs1 B-Girl – Top 50 BLAST
14:10 2vs2 Breaking – Top 50 BLAST
15:35 1vs1 Breaking – Top 100 BLAST
17:00 Rep Your Country – Top 14 BLAST
18:00 Breaking Workshop 1 – Roxrite
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19:00 Breaking Workshop 2 – Kleju
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20:00 Breaking Workshop 3 – Focus
Join on ZoomJoin on Zoom

FRIDAY – November 6

13:00 Locking Workshop – Johnee
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14:00 Graffiti Workshop – Ewilone
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15:00 House Workshop – Matej Zvara
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15:55 Dance performance – B-Original Dance School YITF
16:00 DJ Workshop – Jasty
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17:00 Hip Hop / Rockin Workshop – Laci Strike
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18:00 1vs1 Streetdance – Top 8 YITF
18:25 1vs1 Streetdance – Semifinals YITF
18:40 1vs1 Streetdance – Final YITF
19:00 Discussion
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SATURDAY – November 7

TIME Program Project
14:00 1vs1 Kid – Top 16 YITF
15:00 1vs1 Kid – Top 8 YITF
15:40 1vs1 Kid – Semifinals YITF
16:10 1vs1 Kid – Final YITF
16:30 2vs2 Breaking – Top 16 BLAST
18:00 2vs2 Breaking – Top 8 BLAST
18:55 2vs2 Breaking – Semifinals BLAST
19:20 Slovak folklore exhibition – Urpin YITF
19:30 2vs2 Breaking – Final BLAST
19:50 Hasta La Muerte Anniversary BLAST
20:00 Online Concert – Moja Reč BLAST
21:00 Online Concert – BlabberMouf BLAST
22:00 Online party by Jägermeister #savethenight – DJ Scream BLAST
22:30 Online party by Jägermeister #savethenight – DJ Smirnoff BLAST
23:00 Online party by Jägermeister #savethenight – DJ Plash BLAST
23:30 Online party by Jägermeister #savethenight – DJ Lean Rock BLAST
00:00 Online party by Jägermeister #savethenight – DJ Jasty BLAST
00:30 Online party by Jägermeister #savethenight – DJ Ervin Arana BLAST

SUNDAY – November 8

13:00 1vs1 B-Girl – Top 16 BLAST
14:00 1vs1 B-Girl – Top 8 BLAST
14:40 1vs1 B-Girl – Semifinals BLAST
15:10 1vs1 B-Girl – Final BLAST
15:30 1vs1 Breaking – Top 32 BLAST
16:50 1vs1 Breaking – Top 16 BLAST
17:40 1vs1 Breaking – Top 8 BLAST
18:10 1vs1 Breaking – Semifinals BLAST
18:40 1vs1 Breaking – Final BLAST
19:00 Rep your Country – Top 8 BLAST
20:00 Rep your Country – Semifinals BLAST
20:40 Rep your Country – Final BLAST

Event info

Due to worsening COVID-19 pandemic situation in Slovakia, we decided to cancel the physical edition of @thelegitsblast / @outbreakeurope and will replace it with fully online edition feat. online battles, workshops, parties and concerts.
Much love world and stay safe.

Categories & Timeline & Prizes

€10.000 Cash + 3 Tickets to TLB Banska Bystrica 2021

1vs1 Breaking, 1vs1 B-Girl, 2vs2 Breaking, 1vs1 Kid, Rep Your Country

1vs1 Breaking1vs1 B-Girl2vs2 Breaking1vs1 Kid (16yo or younger)Rep Your Country
(October 1 - 20)
Results on October 23
Top 100 advanceTop 50 advanceTop 50 advanceTop 50 advance4 previous champs (FR, PL, RU, UA) advancing to Top 8

14 countries advancing to prelims for Top 8
(October 24 - 30)
Results on November 5
Top 32 advance
to live online battles
Top 16 advance
to live online battles
Top 16 advance
to live online battles
Top 16 advance
to live online battles
Top 5 advance
to live online battles
(November 7)
Top 16 (2 rounds pre crew) LIVE

Top 8 (4 rounds pre crew) LIVE

Top 4 (4 rounds pre crew) LIVE

Final (5 rounds pre crew) LIVE
Top 16 (1 round each) LIVE

Top 8 (2 rounds each) LIVE

Top 4 (2 rounds each) LIVE

Final (3 rounds each) LIVE

(November 8)
Top 32 (1 round each) LIVE

Top 16 (1 round each) LIVE

Top 8 (2 rounds each) LIVE

Top 4 (2 rounds each) LIVE

Final (3 rounds each) LIVE
Top 16 (1 round each) LIVE

Top 8 (2 rounds each) LIVE

Top 4 (2 rounds each) LIVE

Final (3 rounds each) LIVE
Top 8 (7 rounds per country) LIVE

Top 4 (9 rounds per country) LIVE

Final (11 rounds per country) LIVE
+ plane ticket to TLB Banska Bystrica 2021
+ 800 TLB Series points
+ plane ticket to TLB Banska Bystrica 2021
+ 800 TLB Series points
€1000Plane ticket to TLB Banska Bystrica 2021
+ trophy
2nd PLACE€500€500€500€700
3rd - 4th PLACE€250€250€250€300
5th - 8th PLACE€100€100€100


Battles Registration is over

Check the list of registered dancers below.

Please consider a donation.
We will use the finances to enhance the project.


Frequently asked questions

What is the registration and battle process?

Here is a quick overview of the registration process and the system of battles for prelims rounds 1 & 2.

STEP 1 – Registration & Prelims Round 1

1. Choose a song for your prelims ROUND 1
2. Shoot a video and upload it your Instagram account, tag @thelegitsblast, add hashtag #thelegitsblastonline
3. Fill in the registration form available on this page by OCTOBER 20

  • 2vs2 Breaking registration instructions: Fill in the info of your crew member in STEP 2 of the registration form. You can send the links to your prelims videos separately for each dancer, or you can send one link to video with both dancers. You can also choose different songs (out of the 11 provided) for each dancer if you wish.
  • Rep Your Country registration instructions: The nation team must physically meet and battle from one place. For live battles only one camera will be used for the entire team. If you can meet and battle from one place on November 8, please put together the best represent for your country and send solo videos of at least 5 dancers or one video featuring all dancers that would battle for your country by October 20 to <b></b> via Wetransfer or send us a link to your video on an accessible cloud storage (Google Drive). Judges will choose top 4 countries who would battle previous champions Poland, France, Russia and Ukraine in Top 8.

You’re done, sit back, relax and wait for the results of Prelims Round 1.


STEP 2 – Prelims Round 2

4. Judges will choose TOP 100 1vs1 BREAKING, TOP 50 1vs1 B-GIRL, TOP 50 2vs2 BREAKING, TOP 50 1vs1 KID
5. Advancing dancers will need to upload a second prelims ROUND2 video to their Instagram. Use one of the 11 provided songs. Upload your video by OCTOBER 30

You’re done, sit back, relax and wait for the results of Prelims Round 2.


STEP 3 – Live Battles TOP 32 / TOP 16 up to finals

6. Judges will choose TOP 32 1vs1 BREAKING, TOP 16 1vs1 B-GIRL, TOP 16 2vs2 BREAKING, TOP 16 1vs1 KID
7. Advancing dancers will battle live on November 7 (1vs1 KID, 2vs2 Breaking) and on November 8.

Detailed instructions will be send by email to all advancing dancers.

If you fail to meet any step of the registration and battle process your registration will be voided.

Can I register to more battle categories?
Yes. You can register to as many categories as you wish if you are eligible. Registering for one battle category is FREE. Each additional category costs 10 EUR per category.
How much is the registration fee?
The registration fee is depending on the number of chosen categories:
Registration to 1 category: FREE
Registration to each additional category: €10.00/per category
I haven't received the registration confirmation email. What should I do?
Please make sure to check your spam inbox. If you still cannot find the confirmation, send us an email at from the email address you used to register.
How will I know if I made it through the prelims?
You will be notified by email if you made it through the ROUND 1 of prelims. You will need to upload a second video for the ROUND 2 of prelims. A compilation video of all ROUND 2 entries will be made available online. Judges will select the entries that will advance. You should watch the video to know if you have been selected to advance. Each advancing participant will receive an email and will be contacted by our tech team with instructions.
I've made it through the prelims, how do I join the online live battles?
If you made it through the prelims you will be battling from your location using your smartphone, computer or any other device with video, audio and streaming capabilities. You will receive all the instructions on your email and will be in contact with our technical team before the live battles.
I didn't make it through the prelims. Is there something else for me?

If you didn’t make it through the prelims you will still get valuable feedback on your demo video round from the judges. You can still enjoy the rest of the battles, workshops, concerts, online party and other program online via our stream.

Current Rankings TLB Series 2020

*Updated: November 9, 2020
Note: Scroll/ swipe to the side to view all the content of the table
11San Andrea (FRA)fr1000100%4:010000
2Ayumi (JAP)jp800100%4:00800
35Mad Max (BEL)be68038%4:2200480
42Kastet (RUS)ru60060%3:16000
53Jilou (GER)de40040%2:14000
63Sarah bee (FRA)fr40040%2:14000
75Tata (RUS)ru36020%2:2200160
8Ayu (JAP)jp32040%2:10320
8Emilka (POL)pl32040%2:10320
105Ayane (JAP)jp20020%1:12000
105Ramona (FIN)FI20020%1:12000
129Alyssa (FRA)fr18010%0:210080
13Kate (UKR)uk16020%1:10160
13Eri (JAP)jp16020%1:10160
13Yurie (JAP)jp16020%1:10160
169Paulina (POL)pl10010%0:11000
169Killa Kim (UKR)uk10010%0:11000
169Aga (POL)pl10010%0:11000
169Alicia (NED)nl10010%0:11000
169Furia (ESP)es10010%0:11000
169Fanny (FRA)fr10010%0:11000
169Con (JAP)jp10010%0:11000
23Nadia (RUS)ru8010%0:1080
23Art (RUS)ru8010%0:1080
23Kotya (BLR)by8010%0:1080
23Kaede (JAP)jp8010%0:1080
23Luma (COL)co8010%0:1080
23Ram (JAP)jp8010%0:1080
23Petaira (RUS)ru8010%0:1080
*Updated: November 9. 2020
Note: Scroll/ swipe to the side to view all the content of the table
11Amir (RUS)ru1000100%5:010000
25JohnyFox (ESP)es100055%7:1200800
32Thomaz (POL)pl60060%4:16000
4Yosh (JAP)jp48060%4:10480
53Bumblebee (RUS)ru40040%3:14000
53Xak (ESP)es40040%3:14000
7Mini Joe (VEN)ve32040%3:10320
7Poter (ISR)il32040%3:10320
95Jerry Metal (RUS)es20020%2:12000
95The Wolfer (AUT)at20020%2:12000
95Grom (RUS)ru20020%2:12000
12Shade (JAP)jp16020%2:10160
12Apache (UKR)uk16020%2:10160
12Killa Kolya (KAZ)kz16020%2:10160
12Vicious (CAN)canada16020%2:10160
1617Rezyap (RUS)ru1307%1:25080
1617Rico (ITA)it1307%1:25080
189Tricky (ISR)il10010%1:11000
189Mighty Jim (BEL)be10010%1:11000
189Zip Rock (RUS)ru10010%1:11000
189Shahi (GBR)gb10010%1:11000
189Lorenzo (NED)nl10010%1:11000
189Nord Diamond (RUS)ru10010%1:11000
189Beatmastert (RUS)ru10010%1:11000
189Cheerito (RUS)ru10010%1:11000
26River (CHN)cn8010%1:1080
26Cyga (RUS)ru8010%1:1080
26Jeremy (USA)us8010%1:1080
26Ze Ninho (FRA)fr8010%1:1080
26Jazzbear (KOR)kr8010%1:1080
26Dale (RUS)ru8010%1:1080
3217LB (GBR)gb505%0:1500
3217Zawisza (POL)pl505%0:1500
3217Sheku (GBR)gb505%0:1500
3217Narko (BEL)be505%0:1500
3217Fababy (BEL)be505%0:1500
3217Stepper (NED)nl505%0:1500
3217Hadzik (POL)pl505%0:1500
3217Jee Ess (RUS)ru505%0:1500
3217Tonio (FRA)fr505%0:1500
3217Bura-Deny (LAT)lv505%0:1500
3217Create (KAZ)kz505%0:1500
3217Ozzi (NED)nl505%0:1500
3217Gizmo (GER)de505%0:1500
3217Wigor (POL)pl505%0:1500
46Kap (RUS)ru405%0:1040
46Salo (NED)nl405%0:1040
46Justice (GBR)gb405%0:1040
46Chibanasty (JAP)jp405%0:1040
46LilFe (ECU)ec405%0:1040
46Alvin (VEN)ve405%0:1040
46Nicolas (JAP)jp405%0:1040
46Takagi (JAP)jp405%0:1040
46Amado (ESP)es405%0:1040
46Moldeivor (ESP)es405%0:1040
46Kerry (CZE)cz405%0:1040
46Beat the YH (ROM)ro405%0:1040
46Allef (BRA)br405%0:1040
46Spin (GBR)gb405%0:1040
46Marlone (FRA)fr405%0:1040
46XXL (POR)pt405%0:1040
*Updated: July 26, 2021
Points are recorded from all The Legits Blast / Outbreak Europe 1vs1 B-Girl battles (13 events).
Note: Scroll/ swipe to the side to view all the content of the table
1Paulina (POL)400040%15:740010010020040010001000400400
2Kate (UKR)396068%17:3160400100010004001000
3San Andrea (FRA)270068%11:210001000100600
4Jilou (GER)250036%12:7600400200600100400200
5Zofia (POL)240040%10:6200600400200400600
6Sarah Bee (FRA)170034%8:5100400400600200
7Nadia (RUS)168060%6:2806001000
8Sunny (USA)140070%6:14001000
9Queen Mary (BUL)140028%5:5200200400400200
10Madmax (BEL)138020%7:6200480200100100200100
11Eri (JAP)136049%5:21602001000
12Emilka (POL)122025%5:6400320100200200
13Movie One (ESP)120060%5:12001000
14Alessandrina (ITA)120020%4:6100200100200200400
15Nicka (LTU)1000100%4:01000
16Aga (POL)90023%4:4100400200200
17Kastet (RUS)90030%4:3200600100
18Yurie (JAP)86031%3:3160100600
19Ayumi (JAP)800100%4:0800
20Bo (NED)70035%3:2100600
21Tazz (ITA)70023%3:3100400200
22Meelisa (BLR)70023%3:3200400100
23Kim (UKR)70023%2:3100200400
24Fen Qi (CHN)60060%3:1600
25Terra (GBR)60060%3:1600
26Anita (ARG)50017%1:3100200200
27Nanana (JAP)40040%2:1400
28Jeskilz (USA)40040%2:1400
29Lady Flow (POL)40040%2:1400
30Anastasia (UKR)40020%1:2200200
31Tanya (ESP)40020%1:2200200
32Tamala (SLO)40020%1:2200200
33Furia (ESP)40010%0:4100100100100
34Tata (RUS)36020%2:2160200
35Ayu (JAP)32040%2:1320
36Vanessa (POR)30015%1:2200100
37Bene (FRA)30015%1:2200100
38Kimie (FRA)30010%0:3100100100
39Ramona (FIN)30015%1:2200100
40Luma (COL)28016%1:220080
41Ayane (JAP)20020%1:1200
42Dr. C (CHN)20020%1:1200
43Miimo (CZE)20020%1:1200
44Becca (SWI)20020%1:1200
45Loopi (GER)20020%1:1200
46Law (ESP)20020%1:1200
47Domka (POL)20020%1:1200
48Lina (RUS)20020%1:1200
49Raza (ESP)20020%1:1200
50Lady Swift (POL)20020%0:1200
51Flexie (RUS)20010%0:2100100
52Alyssa (FRA)18010%0:280100
53Kotya (BLR)18010%0:280100
54Rule (EST)10010%0:1100
55Izanami (LAT)10010%0:1100
56MeryBerry (POL)10010%0:1100
57Carlota (FRA)10010%0:1100
58Camine (BEL)10010%0:1100
59Campanita (COL)10010%0:1100
60Vlo (SWI)10010%0:1100
61Maess One (FRA)10010%0:1100
62Yana (BLR)10010%0:1100
63Fidget (GBR)10010%0:1100
64Elettra (ITA)10010%0:1100
65Vinilla (UKR)10010%0:1100
66Zana (GBR)10010%0:1100
67Narcis (SVK)10010%0:1100
68Sona (FRA)10010%0:1100
69Stacy (BLR)10010%0:1100
70Oli 360 (ITA)10010%0:1100
71Spanish Hustle (RUS)10010%0:1100
72Zyoaka (KAZ)10010%0:1100
73Angela (CHL)10010%0:1100
74Crissy B (USA)10010%0:1100
75Alicia (NED)10010%0:1100
76Fanny (FRA)10010%0:1100
77Con (JAP)10010%0:1100
78Art (RUS)8010%0:180
79Ram (JAP)8010%0:180
80Petaira (RUS)8010%0:180
*Updated: July 26, 2021
Points are recorded from all Legits Blasts / Outbreak Europe 1vs1 Breaking battles (12 events).
Note: Scroll/ swipe to the side to view all the content of the table
OEU '17OEU '16OEU '15OEU '14OEU '10
1Victor (USA)3000100%15:0100010001000
2Kuzya (UKR)300050%18:52006004004001000400
3Thomaz (POL)280056%16:46004004004001000
4Nord Diamond (RUS)180030%13:51000100200200100200
5Cheerito (RUS)170057%10:21006001000
6Kleju (POL)160040%8:32002002001000
7Twister (SVK)145018%9:810050100400200100400100
8Johnny Fox140050%10:2400800200
9Greku (POL)120060%6:11000200
10Kae (FRA)110037%8:3400100600
11LB (GBR)110022%9:5100200200200400
12Amir (RUS)1000100%5:01000
13El Nino (USA)1000100%4:01000
14Tirock (BEL)100025%7:4600200100100
15Phil Wizard (CAN)80040%6:2600200
16Killa Kolya (KAZ)76042%5:2160600
17Lil G (VEN)75019%5:450400100200
18Sunni (UK)65033%3:250600
19Uzee Rock (UKR)60060%4:1600
20Fantum (USA)60060%3:1600
21Duzk (NED)60060%3:1600
22Mini Joe (VEN)52019%4:3320100100
23Beetle (RUS)50025%3:2100400
24Kid Karam (GBR)50017%3:35040050
25Xak (ESP)50017%3:34005050
26Lagaet (POR)50025%4:2400100
27Yosh (JAP)48060%4:1480
28Poter (ISR)47017%4:310032050
29Apache (UKR)46016%5:3200160100
30Sapa (UKR)4508%1:6505010050100100
31The Wolfer (MAR)45015%4:320050200
32Bumblebee (RUS)40040%3:1400
33Icey Ives (USA)40040%3:1400
34Illz (CAN)40040%3:1400
35Niek (NED)40040%2:1400
36Kosto (RUS)40040%2:1400
37Voe One (UKR)40040%2:1400
38Hulk (ISR)40020%2:2200200
39Zip Rock (RUS)35012%3:310020050
40Spin (GBR)3407%1:5405050100100
41Klesio (BRA)30015%1:2100200
42Jerry Metal (RUS)30015%3:2200100
43Volodya (BLR)3008%2:45050100100
44Simy (BEL)25013%2:0220050
45Tricky (ISR)2508%1:310050100
46Wigor (POL)25013%2:220050
47Lucky (BEL)20020%2:1200
48Grom (RUS)20020%2:1200
49Quake (TWN)20020%2:1200
50Anton (GER)20020%2:1200
51Ayumi (JAP)20020%2:1200
52Dany (FRA)20020%2:1200
53Slav (BUL)20020%2:1200
54Killa Keim (FRA)20020%2:1200
55Lussy Sky (UKR)20020%2:1200
56Yarko (POL)20020%1:1200
57Milhouse (KOR)20020%1:1200
58Perna (BRA)20020%1:1200
59Alkolil (RUS)20020%1:1200
60Tyson (BRA)20020%1:1200
61Milky Rock (RUS)20020%1:1200
62Keebz (USA)20020%1:1200
63Karas (POL)20020%1:1200
64Eddy Twizter (ITA)20020%1:1200
65Shadr (KAZ)20020%1:1200
66Snake (RUS)20010%2:2100100
67Shigekix (JAP)20010%1:2100100
68Dr. Hill (MEX)2007%0:35050100
69Noindex (GER)2007%0:35050100
70Sheku (GBR)2007%1:25050100
71Tonio (FRA)2007%0:35050100
72Lorenzo (NED)20010%2:2100100
73Rico (ITA)1805%1:3805050
74Vicious (CAN)16020%2:1160
75Shade (JAP)16020%2:1160
76Axel (POL)1508%1:210050
77Moa (SUI)1508%1:310050
78Gieras (POL)1508%1:250100
79Mighty Jim (BEL)1508%1:250100
80Snap (ITA)1508%1:250100
81Daga (ITA)1508%1:250100
82Timbo (NED)1508%1:250100
83Exaggerate (NOR)1508%1:210050
84Rezyap (RUS)1307%1:28050
85Cyga (RUS)1307%1:28050
86Matita (CHIL)10010%1:1100
87Sambo (BEL)10010%1:1100
88Tunde (DEN)10010%1:1100
89Beatmaster (RUS)1005%1:1100
90Shahi (GBR)10010%1:1100
91Luan San (BRA)10010%1:1100
92Double D (GER)10010%1:1100
93Tawfiq (NED)10010%1:1100
94Raptor (UKR)10010%1:1100
95Crazy David (ROM)10010%1:1100
96Prince (BEL)10010%1:1100
97Mighty Brick (BLR)10010%1:1100
98Jayson (CAN)10010%1:1100
99Gun (RUS)10010%1:1100
100Ken Guru (UKR)10010%1:1100
101Sisko (FRA)10010%1:1100
102Alfonzo (CZE)10010%1:1100
103Kido (POL)10010%1:1100
104Grin (RUS)10010%1:1100
105Admir (BEL)10010%1:1100
106Roxrite (USA)10010%1:1100
107Yuri (BRA)10010%0:1100
108Onel (GRE)10010%0:1100
109Kaneki (ITA)10010%0:1100
110Vint (BLR)10010%0:1100
111Husky Husk (ESP)10010%0:1100
112Conni (GER)10010%0:1100
113Tony Tbags (USA)10010%0:1100
114Kapon (UKR)10010%0:1100
115Chereb (UKR)10010%0:1100
116Freeman (MEX)10010%0:1100
117Miniboj (SVK)10010%0:1100
118Don Tias (SVK)10010%0:1100
119Slef (UKR)10010%0:1100
120Kaspa (POL)10010%0:1100
121Biotcat (SCO)10010%0:1100
122Andre (UKR)1005%0:25050
123Sofian (FRA)1005%0:25050
124The Flaya (FRA)1005%0:25050
125CRO (FRA)1005%0:25050
126Ozzi (NED)1005%0:25050
127Create (KAZ)1005%0:25050
128Stepper (NED)1005%0:25050
129Jester (TUR)1005%0:25050
130Amado (ESP)905%0:24050
131Kerry (CZE)905%0:24050
132River (CHN)8010%1;180
133Jeremy (USA)8010%1:180
134Ze Ninho (FRA)8010%1:180
135Jazzbear (KOR)8010%1:180
136Dale (RUS)8010%1:180
137Lion (VEN)505%0:150
138Faisi (BEL)505%0:150
139Zawisza (POL)505%0:150
140Narko (BEL)505%0:150
141Fababy (BEL)505%0:150
142Hadzik (POL)505%0:150
143Jes Ess (RUS)505%0:150
144Bura-Deny (LAT)505%0:150
145Shaymin (FRA)505%0:150
146Aslan (RUS)505%0:150
147Anthony (BEL)505%0:150
148Mixar (BLR)505%0:150
149HD (NED)505%0:150
150D-Tex (USA)505%0:150
151NarekTheShow (LAT)505%0:150
152Emilio (BEL)505%0:150
153Cis (BEL)505%0:150
154Lele (ITA)505%0:150
155Amaro (ITA)505%0:150
156South Eagle (TUR)505%0:150
157Kengo (FRA)505%0:150
158Funny666 (ITA)505%0:150
159Infante (GBR)505%0:150
160Kastrito (MEX)505%0:150
161Yung Dave (RUS)505%0:150
162Titas (POR)505%0:150
163Amazing Troll (RUS)505%0:150
164Tim Plus (RUS)505%0:150
165Koptr (FRA)505%0:150
166Mihary (CZE)505%0:150
167Mic Shaggy (LVA)505%0:150
168Redo (NED)505%0:150
169Liquid (RUS)505%0:150
170Zoob (GRE)505%0:150
171Arczek (POL)505%0:150
172Boar (RUS)505%0:150
173Khanage (GBR)505%0:150
174Vision (SLO)505%0:150
175Pluto (UKR)505%0:150
176Mowgly (ITA)505%0:150
177Bee D (FRA)505%0:150
178Motin (JAP)505%0:150
179Alvarone (ESP)505%0:150
180Shane (NED)505%0:150
181Baby OG (MEX)505%0:150
182Shifter (CYP)505%0:150
183Gizmo (GER)505%0:150
184Kap (Russia)405%0:140
185Salo (VEN)405%0:140
186Justice (GBR)405%0:140
187Chibanasty (JAP)405%0:140
188LilFe (ECU)405%0:140
189Alvin (VEN)405%0:140
190Nicolas (JAP)405%0:140
191Takagi (JAP)405%0:140
192Moldeivor (ESP)405%0:140
193Beat the YH (ROM)405%0:140
194Allef (BRA)405%0:140
195Marlone (FRA)405%0:140
196XXL (POR)405%0:140