Hip Hop will dominate Bratislava on May 21 and Banska Bystrica on July 24 – 31

Outbreak Slovakia 2016

For the seventh time top Slovak bboys and bgirls will face each other during the battles on May 21, 2016 in OC CENTRAL shopping center in Bratislava, Slovakia. Organizers promise a great atmosphere and amazing dance creations from the competitors.


Registration: before 2pm
Battles: from 2pm – 6pm
Battle categories:
1 vs 1 Undisputed
2 vs 2

Outbreak Slovakia 2016 Bboy Kein
Outbreak Slovakia 2016 - Winners 2015

The fate of the contestants will be decided by our three-member jury in international composition: MG (Hasta La Muerte Crew – Slovakia), Sapa (Breaknuts Crew – Ukraine) and Outbreak Europe winner of 1 vs 1 girls from 2014 Paulina (Breaknuts Crew – Poland). Lil Pablo on the mic in tandem with DJ Miniboj (Hasta La Muerte Crew – Slovakia) will hype the crowd.

Outbreak Slovakia 2016 - judges

More info about the lineup can be found on the facebook event page here: https://goo.gl/pbUXJY

Thanks to OC CENTRAL and The Legits, you will experience an unforgettable Saturday.

Outbreak Europe 2016 7.edition in Banska Bystrica

Winners of outbreak Slovakia will advance to the world finals of Outbreak Europe that will take place in Banska Bystrica on July 29 – 31, 2016. Outbreak Europe is part of The Legits Blast Festival, which is supported by the city and Mayor of Banska Bystrica. The Festival consists of several events such as Catch The Flava, Producer Challenge, Graffiti Jam, Open Mic, New Style Hustle, Undisputed, 3 x 3 Basket, The Legits Blast Concert, Rep Your Country and lot more. Central Slovakia will become a hotspot for all lovers of hip-hop, music, dance, and those who want to have fun and party.