Besides adding new edition in Miami, The Legits Blast team decided to unite all three 2020 editions into the series. All editions will have Crew, Kids, Footwork and 1vs1 Breaking and 1vs1 Bgirl battles. However, for the series and the actual ranking only 1vs1 Breaking (open for bboys and bgirls) and 1vs1 Bgirl will be considered. Bboys and bgirls will collect the points at all three editions in these categories. You can see the points distribution for 2020 series below and the lifetime ranking from all The Legits Blast 1vs1 here.

Points distribution

Battle categories and prizes for each festival edition


For 2020 series, only points earned in 2020 will be used for 2020 ranking. As a bonus, on top of €500 cash and prizes, winners of 1vs1 Breaking and 1vs1 Bgirl in Prague and in Banská Bystrica will win a plane ticket to The Legits Blast Miami and winners of 1vs1 Breaking and 1vs1 Bgirl in Miami will get a plane ticket to Slovakia for The Legits Blast Banská Bystrica 2021 (Outbreak Europe).

After the last edition in Miami, the champion of 1vs1 Breaking and 1vs1 Bgirl will be crowned (a dancer with the most points after three editions). 2020 champions will earn €2000 in cash, €1000 in The Legits gear and a surprise custom trophy.

The main mission of The Legits Blast festivals is to preserve the culture and so besides regular battles, we will have cypher time, number of parties at all editions, and funk bands, concerts, graffiti jams and more cultural festivities at some of the editions.

See you in Prague, Banska Bystrica, or Miami or at all of them.

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The Legits Blast team